Be Inspired

Today I was completely inspired by a man named Pete Cashmore. He is a blogger who started one of the world’s biggest social media websites, ‘Mashable’, from his Scottish bedroom because it was “something to do without getting out of bed”. He is now set to become a multimillionaire amid the likely sale of the site to U.S. news giant CNN for $200million. In the newspaper he looks like a friendly, attractive guy and has been dubbed the ‘world’s sexiest geek’ by the media. His site gets up to 50million hits a month and the huge success of the company means the headquarters are now in NYC with another office in San Francisco.

To read about someone who has had such self-made success is an inspiration in itself, but to see that they are of British stock as well, is even better. Similarly to Mark Zuckerberg, Cashmore says he doesn’t own a television and doesn’t watch movies claiming he prefers to participate via the internet rather than be ‘broadcast to’. Obviously, the internet is his passion and his achievement really resonates with me as he was my age when he started up the blog from his bedroom. It’s not absolutely certain if the CNN deal will go ahead, but the fact that it’s even being talked about is success in itself.

Pete Cashmore, Sexiest Geek in the World