Fall In Love

It’s funny, before I came to university I suppose I was pretty cynical when it came to love. I inwardly guffawed at my friends who said they were ‘in love’ with their boyfriends after a matter of months – I simply couldn’t believe that two people, especially our age, could ‘fall in love’ – the kind of love that is synonymous with fireworks and marching bands and Marvin Gaye.

My cynicism came from my situation. I’d always had guys that I liked and found very attractive but nothing serious ever happened with them and even at the youthful age of 18 I was wondering if I would be alone for ever. Mad old cat lady, anyone?

Then I came to university and met someone that changed all of that. Someone that I never expected I would fall for. He turned up with shoulder-length hair, smoked a lot of weed and played the guitar and for the first few days he was something of an enigma. Then, like in the movies, he had a haircut, walked into the kitchen in our halls and I swooned. Honestly, as sick-inducing as it may sound I knew then and there that I liked this guy. Not to mention that he was hilarious, super-intelligent, different from anyone I’d ever met and totally mad.

I used to think that there was a problem with me. At school I would beat myself up that none of the Rugby-lads fancied me and that being single was obviously because I was doing something wrong. Then I came to university and I’ve met so many lovely guys that make me laugh and I get along with like a house on fire. I realised how far away from school university is – and I love it. It is possible to find love at the ripe old age of 19. You’re not weird or freaky. It’s not you. It’s just that you haven’t found that person who makes everything seem OK. I can’t quite believe I have, to be honest.