Go To University

For a long time I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to university. I had just experienced a fantastic few months abroad, after working solidly for nearly four months to earn the cash for it, and returning to full-time education just didn’t seem like the greatest prospect. On top of that, I hadn’t got into my first choice of university – King’s College London – and so I was doubly dreading going to university.

It turns out, like these things usually do, that not getting into King’s was the best thing that ever happened. I came up North to a land of ducks and ugly 60s buildings and fell in love with the place. I met people that I know I will stay life-long friends with and, during this term, which is my second, I have really started to enjoy the course: English Literature.

It is daunting. With ‘Graduate Unemployment’ dominating the headlines, I sometimes wonder if there is even any point in coming to university. Particularly when, at a recent careers event put on by the university, some of the people in their professions said that employers don’t even care about what degree you have or where from – as long as you’ve completed one, then it’s all about the work experience you also have

Brilliant. Just when you think you’ve cracked one hurdle to the greatness that is the 9-5 future job, they go and tell you “No, no! Don’t be silly! It’s not just a degree that you need anymore!” If I were as talented and creative as people such as FleurdeForce or Tanya Burr who have made real careers out of their brilliant make-up tutorials on Youtube, then maybe I wouldn’t need university. There are many different routes to getting the career you want and I don’t think that that has to be higher education. Particularly not now that the fees have sky-rocketed to £9000. As ever, I think it’s about putting yourself out there and going for what you want. You’ve got to be dogged and badger every contact you possibly have/contact every source possible that could get you into your chosen field. Feel like you’re being a pain in the arse? Bingo. You’re on the right track.