Have An Opinion On Cannabis

Before coming to university, I never really came into contact with weed (cannabis) that much. Sure it was around – my girlfriends very occasionally had some that they would smoke, as would I, once in a blue moon – but it always seemed to be in the background. Now, at uni, in the quad that my halls are situated in, there is a group of wealthy boys who constantly have a supply of the stuff and smoke it virtually every day of the week.

Weed never bothered me before, and it’s funny how only now, when my boyfriend is a part of that friendship group and smokes it quite often, does it bother me. I don’t mind him smoking cigarettes one bit, but I think the fact that weed changes you, makes you high as a kite and giggly, is what gets to me. I don’t want to be around him when he is high because I don’t feel like what he says is genuine – I feel like I am automatically assigned to the ‘boring, sober one’ simply because I wasn’t there when he was smoking and I hate that feeling. I suppose I feel a bit excluded from his fun, a bit of an outsider, and that’s the worst part.

At the beginning of the year, Richard Branson told MPs that “75% of my children’s generation have smoked cannabis” and was calling on governments to experiment with decriminalising the possession of drugs and even regulating and selling cannabis. This sparked positive reactions from members of the public who think that Branson is right in his view that seriously addicted cannabis-users should be helped, not imprisoned, and that by legalising the drug, there would be less drug dealers on street corners and perhaps even less drug use overall because it wouldn’t be an illicit drug that you may get arrested for. One reader even said “drunk people are much more likely to commit crime, be unruly and noisy, and there is very little (or no) evidence to suggest cannabis incites violence and so Britain’s city centres on a friday and saturday night would certainly benefit” and I can’t argue with that.

It’s a difficult one. For me, I totally agree with Branson. I can’t see the harm in legalising a drug which I see widely used anyway and that isn’t any more damaging than cigarettes or alcohol. On the other hand, I don’t like the person I care about using the drug. But that’s just a personal issue. At the end of the day, no one can deny that you do hear about far more alcohol-related deaths in the media than you do of cannabis.