Start A New Blog

Scary. Pointless? Exciting. Self indulgent. Self expressive. Brave. Fun.

I’ve tried one of these blogs before, and despite desperately trying to keep up with it over the last two years, I haven’t been all that successful. So here it goes again. Another shot. Is there any room for a new blogger among the Bip Lings and Tavis of the world? I’m not sure – we’ll see.

What better day to being a new blog than on International Women’s Day? It can only be a good thing. Although I’m not sure The Independent’s Laurie Penny would agree: “Like the suffragettes and socialists who called the first International Women’s Day over a century ago, women who believe in a better world are going to have to start thinking in deeds, not words.”

Sorry, Laurie. After completing a mammoth essay for my university degree and running away from horny, angry ducks this morning (it’s mating season after all, the dirty buggers), words are all I can muster. The deeds will have to wait.

More Bridget Jones than Germain Greer