Love Travel & People Watching

There are some aspects of travel that I love. When everything happens smoothly: you arrive at the station, there is no-one at the ticket machine, you glide over, purchase your tickets, look up to find that the next train is in under 10 minutes, plenty of time to casually potter on over to the correct platform. That is when travel is magic. And it’s brilliant because it doesn’t happen often. Most of the time I am carrying bags which weigh the same as a small car, with nobody offering any assistance – obviously, this is England, duh – and having to RUN aka slowly, desperately pant my way to the train leaving in about 30 seconds.

Anyway, on the good days I love trains. And even better, is the people watching. When I have time or if I’m waiting for someone, I sit there and make up stories for passers by. He works in the CIA and is totally undercover in his casual attire – oo but that book he’s reading from actually has a little camera inside of it and he’s watching for any suspicious behaviour. I like to look at people’s outfits, their expressions, whether they’re in a rush or relaxed or meeting a lover/parent/child/sibling. If there’s an argument between two people then I’m glued, likewise if they are loved-up I find myself smiling. It’s the best way to pass time and a fantastic way to let your imagination run wild.