Question Bisexuality: Greedy Or Just Open-minded?

I’ve often wondered this idea: is being bisexual plain greedy or is it in fact reflective of someone who is open-minded to the possibilities of liking both guys and girls? Or are these people just confused? I have a friend who has only very recently come out, although I had a suspicion for a long time that she might be gay from the things she said. However, up until this point she said ‘gay’ was her sexuality, but now she isn’t 100% sure and finds herself equally attracted to certain men. One person I spoke to said that “bisexuals get a lot of stigma and can feel rejected from the hetero and homo communities” and another stated, “Bisexuality is as normal as homosexuality, which is as normal as heterosexuality. In fact, many people have bisexual feelings, and in light of this, it’s hard to say that a person’s sexuality will be the same throughout their life: indeed, sexuality is fluid.” And I can vouch for this, as a family friend was in fact married for 30 years and after an amicable divorce, quite surprisingly began going out with a woman and they have now been together for four years.

I suppose it’s the same with gay people – they can’t choose that they are gay, it just happens. It’s something they feel that is natural and from what I have been told, that is the same with bisexuality. I think it can be down-right confusing for the individual with feelings for both sexes, however no matter what sexuality we are we all feel confused about our feelings at some point, straight or gay. As my friend eloquently put it: “The way I explain my bi-sexuality to people is thus: I am attracted to individuals not genders”.

“I’m bisexual, and I give a damn,” Anna Paquin said during the PSA, which she taped as part of the True Colors Fund’s Give a Damn campaign that features celebrities encouraging people to work for the advancement of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality.