Feel Nostalgic


Time flies by so quickly. I remember that my Mum always used to say to me ‘Don’t wish your life away’ whenever I would complain that I wanted to be older, more mature, able to do whatever I wanted without being told ‘no‘. Now, I’m pretty much at that stage. I’m at university where I don’t really have that many responsibilities and I’m at an age, 19, where if I want to go and do my own thing, I can.

This is all I’ve ever wanted and yet so often I feel like time is going too quickly and I feel nostalgic for the past. The photograph above is from my three months of travelling that I went on last year. At the time it felt like my whole world; travelling was my whole world. I couldn’t really remember what ‘normality’ was before I’d got onto a plane without my family for the first time ever and nor could I envisage what life would be like when I returned. University? A 9-5 job? No thanks, not right now.

Yet all too quickly, nearly a year has passed since I returned home and I can’t believe it. And it’s coming up to the final term of my first year at university and I’m just wondering where the hell all the time went. The phrase ‘youth is wasted on the young’ is so true. It’s wasted on us because we’re either desperate to get older, or we spend a lot of time filling our carefree days with angst about little things that really don’t matter: boys, puberty, popularity…

I’m going to try and make the most of every day that I have at university. They’re meant to be the best days of your life and I can see why. Sometimes I find myself wishing I was young again. Even though at the time I hated it, now I look back and occasionally wish I could steal back the days where life wasn’t about earning money and degrees. It was simply about what I was having for dinner when I got home or whether I’d be home in time to catch all my favourite CBBC programmes.