Travel To Sorrento

Recently I was lucky enough to go on a brief three-day trip with my parents to the beautiful Sorrento, 13 miles or so from Naples (a strange place with both lovely architecture and rough areas side by side). On Friday we caught a boat to take us to the island of Capri and below I have included some photographs I took on that day.

From the initial drop-off point at the Port of Capri, you have to walk what feels like 25 miles – uphill and in about 40 degrees of heat) to the Centro – the centre of Capri. The hike is totally worth it – I think the picture speaks for itself

Granita di Limone is a deliciously refreshing icy Lemon drink, not dissimilar to a Slush Puppy, made with lemons that look like they’ve taken steroids…they are 3x the size of our lemons!

Lining the iron fence that encircled the Profumi di Capri were these lovely pieces of material, shaped as funnels, resting in conicals of differing fragrances. We stopped at each one, sniffing and dabbing our wrists

The Profumi

These many photographs were lining the walls of the coolest ice cream parlour I have ever been into. There were lots of snaps of famous Italian people popping in for an ice cold treat as well as the odd Hollywood celeb such as Piers Brosnan! The place was packed – there was even a DJ playing! How cool is that? Iceeee-cool! And it was clearly the hip place to be on a Friday night as there were lots of young, beautiful Italians relaxing outside

My Mum and Dad had visited Sorrento before, thanks to the persuasion of their good friends Rudi and Julie. Rudi is short for Rudolpho and he was born and raised in Sorrento. His cousin owns the brilliant restaurant just up from the harbour, his English friend runs the ‘English Inn’ and we stayed with a life-long friend of his who ‘owed him big time’. It seems that somehow everybody knows Rudi.

Anyway, Luigi, another of Rudi’s friends, picked us up from Sorrento port and took us to stay for a couple of nights at his very modest ‘hotel’. You couldn’t really call it a hotel; it was just a very simple, but clean, couple of rooms with adjoining restaurant that served tasty food right on the waterside. It was basic but perfect. Luigi and his uncle Tornino served as our personal taxi-service, using their very bashed up Fiat as our ride. The roads to the accommodation were so windy and hair-pin tight that to get onto the main road to Sorrento involved a lot of fast reversing up hills and Formula-1 style swerving and accelerating; it was as exhilarating as a roller coaster ride and almost as amusing, as I looked over to my Dad who was looking just a little peaky.