Get Caught Up In Petrolgate

Today felt like I was on a weird apocalyptic movie set. For about half an hour I was driving around my area trying to find a petrol station and all I was seeing was big signs scrawled with the words ‘NO PETROL – NO DIESEL’ and an eerie feeling as there were barely any cars on the road. Well, I soon discovered where they were. At the big Tesco petrol station nearby. It’s madness – there was a huge queue which I joined and sat in for about 40 minutes before I finally got to a pump. But not before a woman in a red car jumped the queue by pulling up along side my particular queue because she came into the station from a different direction. She pulled right up alongside a car two ahead of me and then as they pulled off, sneakily zoomed into their spot. It was completely unfair and the elderly lady in front of me was not happy. She came up to me and vented her anger and the car beside me, full of girls, egged her on saying “Go and give her a piece of your mind!” It was funny and we were all waving our arms and cheering as this little lady went over and started shouting at this rude queue-jumper. The woman in question was so rude and began shouting back!! So the mother in the car beside me got out and helped shout at her! It was brilliant and everybody in their cars around me were laughing. There is such mayhem over this petrol crisis, even though this morning there were reports on the news that there won’t be strikes over Easter. Oh well, if it means it will brighten up my day in this small way, then I’m all for it…

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