Vomit In A Posh Pimlico Flat

So if there were one thing you wouldn’t want to do when visiting your boyfriend’s cousin’s flat for the first time – in beautiful Pimlico of all places – vomiting would be up there. Unfortunately, when you don’t eat enough dinner and guzzle Prosecco like a fish, it’s inevitable. However, that doesn’t excuse the fact that I was surrounded by very well educated, well connected and well dressed people who obviously know how to handle their drink a lot better than myself and said things like, in the poshest, toff-iest voice imaginable: “Yes, I got these canapés at Asda – really slumming it these days!” which I responded to by laughing into my wine glass and throwing back some more alcohol. Bad idea.

Thankfully I did actually make it to the toilet before I was sick – I’m not entirely sure how this post would go if I had done it in the middle of their lovely kitchen-come-living room. Another blessing was that my boyfriend’s family are all heavy drinkers and were quite merry so didn’t really notice my absence all that much. And my boyfriend is a saint and ordered a taxi and took us swiftly home. Moral of the story? If you feel nervous about meeting your partner’s well-to-do family, by all means drink to relax…but make sure you eat a hearty meal before hand.