Review Le Pain Quotidien


Maybe I ordered the wrong food. Maybe I wasn’t in the best of moods. But my experience at the Kensington Le Pain Quotidien was such a disappointment that it nearly made me angry. And I am not a fussy or difficult person. From the exterior, the restaurant looks charming and very French and I thought the food would match. In all honesty, the baked goodies did look delicious and perhaps that’s where I went wrong. I ordered a sandwich. And when I say ‘sandwich’ – that is really pushing it. And when I say ‘Smoked Chicken’ sandwich, well, don’t be silly. What I actually received was  a couple of bits of bread with what I can only describe as wet and uninspiring looking bits of pretend turkey-looking-chicken. The ‘herb dressing’ that was part of the extortionate £8-something I was paying for this ‘sandwich’ was nothing to write home about and I could have whipped up something more exciting myself in about 5 minutes flat at home. It was such a let down. Le Pain Quotidien looks chic from the outside and with steep prices I thought that the food would match – it was very disheartening to pay so much for so little and the fact that the service was pretty rubbish only rubbed salt into the wound. If I ever go to this chain again, I will be sure to stick solely to coffee and cake. I’m too nervous to try my luck with other ‘meals’ – and push my purse to the limits – again.