”Buy” My First House

I put ‘Buy’ in quotation marks because of course I haven’t bought a house..I am a broke student…duh…but my flatmates and I have rented our first university house for a year and it really feels like home. Signing the tenancy forms  felt very real and very grown up. It’s a lovely house. It’s probably because I’ve moved with my parents about eight times…my mum has an obsession with doing up houses and then moving on, although she’s promised that she’ll only leave my current house in a box…a coffin…not a removal box.

Anyway, so yes, it’s probably because I’ve moved so many times that I have now developed a technique. The technique goes like this: walk up to house…take in first impression….walk in front door, take in atmosphere and decide then and there if the house is THE.ONE. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a ‘perfect’ house – i.e. it doesn’t have to be ready-made perfection, it can be a mess, but if it has potential you just know it. Anyway, my first home away from home doesn’t look like much in the photograph, but trust me in the flesh it’s lovely. So quaint and pretty and with a couple of clipped potted plants either side of the front door House & Garden will be a-knocking I’m sure of it. The moment I walked into the front door I just knew it was right – seeing the other rooms seemed a little trivial. Unless there was something drastically wrong with one of the bedrooms, then I knew this house was it – its landlady was lovely and warm, it was welcoming and the light streamed in. Wonderful.