Ponder The News That A-level Papers Should Be Harder In Preparation For Uni

I think that if me-now said to me-back-then-at-school-stressing-madly-over-A-levels that they should be harder to prepare myself for university I would have laughed…or perhaps cried. I am a perfectionist through and through and I worked very hard for my A-levels, even though now I look back, with that old friend hindsight, I do think they were a walk in the park compared to my university degree. Ignorance is bliss…if someone had told me to forget everything I’d learnt at school in preparation for uni, I would have been terrified. I was already nervous at the amount of ‘doing-it-yourself’ uni meant, as the one thing I liked at school, and trust me there weren’t many, was the bond between teacher and pupil and the extra knowledge you could gain if that relationship was good.

I’m not sure what the system should be for trying to integrate university level work into schools – but I do think it’s quite a good idea. It would feel a little bit less like jumping into the deep end of a swimming pool when you have no idea how to swim, if there was a little insight into how degrees work during sixth form. Maybe not exams that match degree level, but perhaps teaching in a style similar to seminars and making the students do a little more work instead of being spoonfed quite so much. However, as someone rightly said on the radio earlier, school shouldn’t just be a one-way route to university..it’s about other things as well and frankly, I’m quite glad my experience of school was what it was because university is very daunting. Perhaps I would have been more prepared, but I’m quite glad I enjoyed the ”easy” A-levels I had, so that there was time for school and fun.