Prefer Vaseline To Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream


All too often I flick to the Beauty section of a magazine and find a celebrity raving about the wonders of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. Now, admittedly I was intrigued by the obsession with this diverse beauty product which promises to sooth minor skin irritations, peeling or flaking due to sunburn and chapped lips, so I invested in a tube. Unfortunately, all I can say about this cream is that it is greasy, pricey (at £20+) and stinks (both literally and figuratively). The only positive I have personally found, is that it highlights cheekbones very well.

In my experience, Vaseline does exactly the same as Elizabeth Arden promises to do – except that at a price tag of less than £1, it is a must-have steal. Even better, is their Rose and Almond Oil vaseline, which smells scrummy and makes your lips rosy pink and kissably soft.

So people, before falling to the temptation of buying a product that the celebs endorse, think twice when I say that your old friend Vaseline does the job of multi-purpose ‘cream’ perfectly.