Triumph With TripAdvisor

Sometimes, just sometimes, it seems that karma does come back around and you get what you deserve – in a wholly positive and brilliant way, I mean. I am referring to my Mum’s recent complaint written about a restaurant (I won’t name names) on TripAdvisor. We never usually bother writing reviews – I suppose luckily we’ve never had a truly god-awful experience that would warrant a lengthy rant on TripAdvisor. That, or maybe we’re just pretty chilled out people who have patience and a bit of a ‘go-with-the-flow’ motto that we live our lives by, therefore aren’t stressing over every minute detail or potential mistakes that occur in restaurants and hotels. We’re not pedantic.

Indeed, more often than not people who have far too much time on their hands sit at their computer and tap away, writing completely ridiculous and usually, at least partly, sensationalised reviews, which aren’t fair to either the business at hand or the potential clients who are put off by one or two people’s puerile opinions. Again, any like-minded person has to take what they read on the website with a bit of common sense. Anyway, my Mum isn’t one of these nutty, busy-body reviewers, however, after we had quite bad service at a supposedly cream-of-the-crop-and-with-prices-to-match restaurant and then rung up to speak politely to the manager about it and again didn’t really recieve all that much remorse or a genuine apology, she wrote an honest review, outlining all of the positives (of which there were many) and the disappointing negatives. I checked it and tweaked it and it was posted.

So, the fab news and the point of this blog post, was that a couple of days later my Mum recieved a very nice email from the General Manager of the establishment (not the person who she spoke with on the phone) apologising and offering a voucher for a free meal next time she visits! Now, we’re not entirely sure how many vouchers that is – whether it’s one just for my Mum, or perhaps two that she can share with my Dad, however it doesn’t matter either way…the gesture redeemed the restaurant’s misdeamenours greatly.

It just shows that speaking up does reap rewards. Ever since I got my first job and realised the true value of money – Oh no way am I spending £30 on that…that’s a day of hard work down the toilet!! – I try to make sure that I get what I pay for. If I’m going to pay top dollar for something, then I want my meal hot and service with a smile. It isn’t all that much to ask for, and since that’s how I operate in my work environment, I’ve come to expect the same. It’s so disappointing when you look forward to something and it ends up being awful, and when you’re paying for it using your hard-earned cash it makes it all the more sour. So, I think it was totally justified for my Mum to write a review on TripAdvisor. It was fair and maybe it helped flag up a few problems that the General Manager wasn’t aware of, and can therefore improve in the future, making customer’s experiences that bit better in the coming months and years. That is the way in which TripAdvisor is brilliant: it allows communication between the customer and the big wigs in hotels and restaurants, which can only serve to improve quality. It also allows the managers to answer a complaint personally, and sometimes justify certain actions if the review is one of the ridiculous ones that are only written to try and wangle a free lunch.

So I say, don’t be an uber-critical monster – nothing in life is perfect – but if you’re not happy with something, then always complain – with a SMILE! there’s nothing more powerful – and if you still don’t feel satisfied then write a fair and honest review on TripAdvisor. It will help others when they’re deciding where to stay or eat, as long as what you write is the truth and outlines both the good and the bad. If nothing else, it’s a great place to get things off your chest and you never know, you might just get something out of it.