Choose The Right Blogging Platform




It’s enough to get your head into a bit of a spin, all these blogging platforms. And I should know, because it took me a long stint with Blogger and then a few weeks with Tumblr before I decided to join WordPress and I have finally found my favourite. For a simpleton like myself, I wanted a blogging space which was very easy and simple and allowed me to manually click on certain buttons that would make the magic happen on my blog. I’m no good with HTML, or at least, I have never tried to learn about it, so I just wanted that to all be done for me.

About two and a half years ago I started a blog on Blogger, and although it’s a great platform, for some reason, for me, it felt like a very lonely place. There were no cheery side windows telling me “Congratulations you’ve completed 10 blog posts! Now let’s get 5 more!” with cute quotes beneath them and shiny gold stars (like WordPress does). It didn’t feel like there was a community. Granted I wasn’t writing anywhere near as often as I am now that I am on WordPress, but even so, whenever I wrote a post I would get nothing. Not one single ‘like’, not anything. I really did feel like what I was doing was pointless, and that was a vicious cycle because as I felt useless I started writing less and then, like so many blogs, it fizzled out.

Tumblr was my next bet, and although I think Tumblr blogs look some of the best – their designs and layouts are fantastic and sharp and eye-catching, I just couldn’t get the hang of how to actually set up my Tumblr with all the ‘widgets’. It seemed that I couldn’t just click a simple button if I wanted ‘Categories’ and a ‘Blogroll’ – I would have to go and copy reams of confusing HTML and copy it here, paste it there and ohmygod before you know it your head is exploding with too many small figures and all you want to do is a bit of writing.

Finally, I settled with WordPress. To be honest, I can’t fault it. My personal homepage is so simple to follow; I love checking my stats and inserting a post with nice pictures is a doddle. It gives you great hints about the most popular tags of the moment and I’ve never felt more of a blogger community than I have on here. Perhaps others have found this with other blogging platforms, but at WordPress it just seems to all be right there in front of you. Being motivated by the side windows, as cheesy as they are, does make you realise why you are writing and getting just one ‘like’ spurs me on and has led me to so many interesting blogs.

So, if you do really want to blog, don’t be put off if it takes you a while to find the right blogging ‘host’. For me it took a couple of years and I nearly gave up altogether, but a fresh place to put my thoughts and the right layout to make me feel comfortable has made blogging fun and worthwhile all over again.