Be A Vegan For A Week

I have always loved reading beauty extremist Avril Mair’s articles in Elle. There is (almost) nothing she won’t try from crazy diets to different types of cosmetic enhancement and she always writes about it honestly and comically. So, taking inspiration from Ms Mair, I am setting myself my own challenge – and challenge it is.I love meat. Ask me what my favourite meal is, what my last meal on earth would be if I were on death row, and I would say it doesn’t really matter as long as it contains meat. I also love boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, any-type-of-cooked-eggs-you-name-it-I-like-it, cakes and tea – with lots of cow’s milk – so thinking of becoming a vegan is no easy feat as I would be allowed none of the above. No animal products whatsoever, so no meat, no eggs and no dairy and if you want to be really extreme then no caffeine either.

So why am I doing this? Because I want to give myself a bit of a challenge. I want to experience another way of life for two weeks, see if I can possibly live without the things I love for 14 days and not end up as a piece of toothless gum on the floor. I want to try and live somewhat ‘cleanly’ for two weeks to see if it can give me the kickstart I need to begin eating healthily again, without having to starve myself or survive on just juices, which I find pretty difficult.

I will write a follow up blog post on how I’m feeling, good recipes I’ve discovered and if I look any better/have lost a few pounds. I am facing up to the challenge and am quite looking forward to it! I’m armed with my soy and tofu – here we go!

Prince is allegedly a Vegan