Hurt Someone

Yesterday I realised that I had inadvertently hurt someone and I felt awful. For the past week I had been so busy with procrastinating revising and other things that I didn’t realise I was neglecting a friend who was quite lonely. It wasn’t until she was in tears to our friend that I knew I had to start making more of a conscious effort to involve my friend in my life and do things together. That started with a dinner on Wednesday night at a wonderful restaurant called Il Paradiso in York. It doesn’t look like much from the outside – in fact it looks like one of those places that could be awful or could be a hidden gem…and hidden gem it was. 


The owner and waiters are all Italian and mad and wonderfully loud. On a Wednesday evening the restaurant was buzzing and the atmosphere was fantastic – everyone was smiling and loving the Italian joie de vivre. There is a large flat screen television on the wall playing football and the screams of delight as the favourite team scored goals made my friends and I snigger into our drinks. Now for the food. The hugely portioned, amazing value, food-gasm inducing food. My friend and I ordered a garlic bread to share, and I’m glad we did, since it was the size of a pizza – and for only £3.95! It wasn’t too thick and overbearing – it was just right and the perfect starter for my delicious bowl of Spaghetti Bolognese. Unlike other restaurants where the Spaghetti Bolognese has been a little oily or the meat a little chewy, this dish was authentically Italian with the pasta made from scratch by the chefs. It was perfect. 

The whole evening was memorable and ended with an Italian customer flirting outrageously with one of my friends and trying to get her to speak Italian to him – badly. It was so lovely to spend time with the person who’d felt left out and we had a great laugh over great food. It’s so simple: just one evening out with friends for cheap food can make everything better. And my entire meal – Spag bowl, a coca cola and half a garlic bread the size of my head came to £10 – can’t argue with that.