Love Dawn Porter


For some reason today I thought of Dawn Porter. Possibly because she’s a journalist and TV presenter that I admire hugely, and when I was sitting at my desk desperately trying to revise Mrs Dalloway, she popped into my mind as someone who is finally living the dream and that maybe, just maybe, all this Woolf will pay off and I can be like Dawn one day.

The first time I heard of Dawn Porter was watching her programmes such as Super Slim Me and then reading her column in Stylist magazine. Her unwavering honesty, wit and brazen attitude to do whatever it takes in the name of research for great TV shows and articles is why I loved her from the word go, and often check out her blog She speaks the truth and talks openly about personal issues that are often touchy to handle, such as sex and debt. Her blog post for Amanda De Cadenet’s website ‘The Conversation’ is about how broke she has been for the last few years and how she very nearly packed it all in. It’s just another example of brilliant writing from Dawn.

Add to the fact that she is engaged to Chris O’Dowd of Bridesmaids – hot and hilarious – and is infatuated with her pets Potato and Lilu and it’s official. I would love to be her best friend, thank you.