Be A Mean Girl


Mean Girls

I used to think that by the time I’d reach university, the laws of nature, or something like that, would deal with all the unnecessarily bitchy people of this world and we’d all have grown up by the age of 20. How silly of me. Of course this is not the case and I have quickly come to realise that university is full of more mad people per square mile than anywhere else I have ever been in my life. 

It’s not just school that breeds insecurity, jealousy and two-facedness. Sadly, some people just don’t grow out of those ‘phases’ and come to higher education and then, scarily, real-life jobs with these same issues. I decided to blog about it because, well, having recently been the victim of blatant, in your face ‘ignoring’ (a strange oxymoron going on there) it just made me angry and the keys on my computer don’t answer back. 

The scenario goes like this: arrive at university shy, nervous and also excited. Get along extremely well with housemates and then begin to go out with one of them towards the end of first term. Boyfriend has group of about 10 or so friends who all get along very well and are quite intimidating. Despite anxious feelings, start to get to know them better and am slowly welcomed into their group (sort of). One of the group starts to go out with a new girl who is very bubbly, very confident and gets along well with the guys in said group. A girl who has assumed the role of ‘Ringleader’ of this group doesn’t like the intrusion into her tight knit circle and starts to be rude to New Girl.

So, sounds like junior school does’t it? Sadly, these people are 20 not 12. I decided to be nice to New Girl, who had joined this group through her boyfriend because both herself and her boyfriend were finding it difficult to be treated so unfairly. The problem was, this ‘Ringleader’ likes to feel in charge of her posse and likes to be Top Dog. It’s a weird feeling of possession over people that I have never understood – an almost primal emotion. So Top Dog decided to completely ignore New Girl, and be extremely bitchy about her towards myself and her circle of friends. I have seen her actively try and turn people against New Girl. So, as soon as I decided to make a huge effort with New Girl, I was in the dog house. I am currently being blanked – or spoken very abruptly to – by Ringleader. And to rub salt into the wound, this girl says she is a Christian who lives by two main principles: Love God and Love Thy Neighbour.

Love Thy Neighbour indeed. Definitely barking mad.