Be A Vegan For 5 Days


I must admit that initially I was meant to try and convert to Veganism for seven days, and I lasted a mere five. I wasn’t foaming at the mouth for a Kentucky Bucket or dreaming of a delicious leg of lamb…but I was close to it. I tried to veer away from surviving only on rice and egg-free pasta and bought some of my food for the week-turned-five-day-challenge from the lovely shop Infinity Foods in Brighton. I must admit, if I am extremely wealthy one day, this is the place I will shop. You can find the most wonderful things in there and most of them are very healthy, albeit pricey. It makes you feel pure, clean and fit just standing in the aisle and it certainly makes you want to at least try to eat better.

I wasn’t becoming a Vegan for any other reason other than that I wanted to change my diet that was full of processed foods, to a more natural eating plan of vegetables and alternative foods to meat and eggs. My five days consisted of lots of vegetables and delicious snacks such as almond butter on rye bread with dates – one of my favourite Vegan goodies. I also bought a yummy chickpea burger from Infinity Foods which was full of vegetables and Tahini spread (Sesame Seed paste) – it was surprisingly filling.

The most difficult part about being a Vegan, I found, is eating out. It was just my luck that the week I decided to clean my act diet-wise, was the week that for some reason there were various occasions which resulted in eating out in restaurants. What I have found, is that unless you live in a major city such as London – and Brighton, sort of – there is no chance of finding restaurants that cater for Vegans. It’s only recently that wholly Vegetarian places have been popping up more and more, and I think it will be a while before the same can be said of Vegan eateries. It’s a shame, because the menus of most places don’t even have one meal that could be suitable for a vegan. Oh, wait, my mistake, there was the small side dish of ‘steamed vegetables’ that I could eat on the menu of one pub.

That’s when I decided to pack in the Veganism. Unfortunately, at this point in my life, I have neither the funds to go crazy shopping in Infinity Foods, nor do I live in a city like London that would have Vegan cafes round virtually every corner. I think being a Vegan is great – although going from a devoted meat lover like myself, it is undeniably hard. However, you don’t just have to eat rabbit food. There are plenty of weird and wonderful recipes out there that sometimes trump the tastiness of recipes that involve meat/eggs/other animal products. It just takes a bit of planning. You cannot suddenly take the drastic decision to become Vegan with empty cupboards and no motivational plan-of-action. It won’t happen, and you’ll soon be a stressed heap on the floor, crying into a Big Mac Meal.

Go to a shop like Infinity Foods, if there is one near you, and just soak up the smell and the colours and the wonderful products that you’ve never even heard of. It’s great for inspiration. And to motivate you further, even after just five days of my Vegan diet, I did feel better and my stomach was flatter and less bloated, no word of a lie. So imagine what you could achieve if you actually stuck to being a Vegan for a little while.