Think You’ve Been Defrauded!


Life as a student is a bit strange. For the first time in your life quite a lot of money lands in your lap without having earn it, and you have to figure out how to budget. I took a year out, worked very hard to earn every penny to go travelling with and even so, arriving at uni and receiving a student loan was like Christmas all over again. I found it very hard not to just go crazy and spend all my loan on a new wardrobe – it really does feel like monopoly money.

My friend and I always laugh, because there is always a stage half way through term when we’ve had just a little too much fun with our money. Copious dinners out, the ‘occasional’ shopping trip, gifts for birthdays throughout the term. We arrive at a cashpoint with debit cards in hand to take out some money and check our balances. There is a moment of panic – of disgust – we have been defrauded! Someone has stolen our debit cards in the night, without us knowing and spent frivolously! They have not only stolen the cards, they have stolen our identity, pretended to be us and had a jolly old time with our student loans behind our backs and then returned them safely to our purses in the morning! That is the only explanation for the surprisingly low figure flashing back at us on the ATM. Must be that.

It is only when we go home and check our bank accounts online that the realisation dawns on us. Ahhhh…oh yes, that £30 was for Saskia’s present…oh and that £25 was that fantastic lunch the other afternoon….Oh and that £50! Oh – oh, yes…Oh bugger.