Share Some Friday Love!

The sun is finally shining in Brighton, after arriving home yesterday from university to what I can only describe as November-style, torrential rain. And with the sunshine comes a wave of gushy, mushy love for other bloggers and one in particular: Liberty London Girl. I first stumbled across this blog because I was typing into Google: ‘English girl in New York’. It may sound a bit weird, but I have an absolute fascination with New York and love to read about any English woman – particularly journalists/editors – who have managed to move to the Big Apple and been truly successful whilst out there. I immediately fell in love with Sasha Wilkins’ blog. It is candid and approachable – not too intimidating like some of the other fashion blogs I have come across. I am very nosy, so I loved looking at photographs of Sasha’s new flat in London and the food she cooks and the trips she takes. There’s something lovely about being allowed a peek inside the life of someone you hope to be like one day. At least, I hope I can have success in the world of journalism and maybe even live in New York one day! Here’s hoping…

One of her blog posts that touched a chord was the one on Toxic Commentators. It reminded me of the blog post I wrote about hateful comments on pieces of our work – of ourselves, really – that can, even though we try our best not to let it, hurt us. It proves that even the best of us get it in the neck from nutty people that hide behind their computer screen! So, I think that’s enough gushing. Just go and check out, if you haven’t already. Knowing the popularity of the website, I’m sure you have!