Drink In The Best Bar In The World


That title is quite a statement and I haven’t awarded such an accolade lightly. I’m sure you must be thinking that the best bar in the world must be some decadent rooftop bar on the top of a skyscraper in Tokyo, New York or Singapore.  But this bar – the best in the world – can actually be found in York. And it is called the Evil Eye Lounge.

Like a naughty Aladdin’s cave, it is full of hundreds of glistening bottles of many different types of alcohol and the guys who work behind the bar are only too happy to make you either one of the gazillion cocktails on the menu, or indeed make you up a bespoke cocktail if you tell them what you like. It is like nowhere I have ever been before in my life. It is laid back, unfussy and enchanting all at the same time. The cocktails aren’t ridiculously overpriced and they are a great size. There really is nothing better than sipping a Jungle Mojito or pitcher of Long Island Ice Tea sitting on the four poster hippy style beds they have available upstairs. 

Not only that, but Evil Eye serve delicious Thai food (my favourite) in huge portions – perfect for soaking up the alcohol.  Try the Massaman curry, it is creamy and flavoursome but not too spicy. Or, if you want to stick to traditional English fare, then rock up on a Sunday and try one of the ginormous roast dinners for a starting price of only £6.99. And trust me, that size is probably enough as, like I said, the portions are very generous. 

Yes occasionally the cocktails take a bit of time, and perhaps sometimes the bar staff could be a little cheerier, but every time I have been there they have made me laugh and frankly, I don’t mind waiting that bit longer for a cocktail that I know is going to be delicious because it’s been made with the utmost effort. The atmosphere is why I love this place, and it has served my friends and I many a fantastic evening in our first year of uni.

All I say is, bring on next year!