Be A Pug

I started off as a teeny, tiny pug bubba who was only identifiable by the shape-like blob of tippex my first Mummy drew on my bum. Once my new parents had adopted me, I started life as a very spoiled, lap-of-luxury kinda lady. Sleeping all day…sleeping all night…going to the toilet a lot (and not always in the right place!) and basically living the life.

Start as you mean to go on

I was introduced to my now BFF, Fred. He’s quite a character and gets a bit aggy about his food sometimes. We have to stick to our own bowls, I’ve been told. But he’s fab – I keep him young and his hairy elbows are especially tasty to suck on. Odd I know – but try it before you turn your nose up!

See? Best friends for life.

My favourite snacks are watermelon and J20. Unusual I know, but I have an acquired palate that must be satisfied.

My favourite things to do in my spare time? Walking, walking and more walking. Preferably in the countryside where there are plenty of huggeee sticks that I can try and wedge into my little mouth! Oh, and of course I can’t forget how much I love chasing the cats…I think they hate me a little bit.

For my first birthday in May I was given this lovely ferret to play with – when it’s rainy and wet, which it usually is in England, this is my go-to toy. Perfect.

And in the good weather? I find that good bit of bark does the trick.

By the end of the day I’m knackered. I like to be wrapped up a nice warm blanket so that I look like a wise old man. Or, if in doubt, fall asleep on Mum’s shoulder.