Have A Failure Of A Day!

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Today has been a complete failure. A wash out, actually. Today Mum and I were meant to be down on Brighton seafront decorating the inside of our newly acquired beach hut ready for her business, Vintage Events.  However, if you live in the East Sussex area you will know that today it was POURING with rain! Followed by smashing claps of thunder and lightening. I drove in my little Peugeot to meet her and it was near-impossible. I could barely see the road and trying to find a car parking space for me to squeeze into to pick up some sandwiches and coffee was like a game of Bumper Cars without too much bumping! I had a nice chat with the guy at the delicious coffee shop – my fave called Ground – about, you guessed it, the weather and I  didn’t even make it to the Beach Hut. Mum told me she’d got it all ready and perfect and that she would meet me by the coffee shop and then we’d drive home. Tomorrow we are going to have a photography session inside the Beach Hut – the photos of which I will put up on here. Prepare for gorgeous photos of a glamorous seaside hut!