Spend An Evening At The Comedy Store

On Friday evening I was lucky enough to be whisked off to the underground Comedy Store by my lovely boyfriend. It was an early birthday present and I loved every second of it. We spent the day walking around Piccadilly, indulging in delicacies in Chinatown – duck’s tongue anyone?!? trust me, it isn’t great – and giggling at naked portraits of old ladies in the National Portrait Gallery. At 6pm we arrived at the Comedy Store and had a couple of glasses of drinks, which were served by lovely bar staff who were cracking jokes from the moment they saw us coming. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in a night as I did on Friday.

I couldn’t recommend whiling away a wet evening in the Comedy Store enough. It was brilliant from the start to the finish – the Master of Ceremonies was a chubby Northerner and was as dry and witty as they come. He was as good, if not better, than the other four acts and they each picked mercilessly on an unfortunate walking stereotype called Guy who was sat in the front row. He was handsome, blonde and dressed to perfection; from Surrey, studying Law and living in London. He was the prime target and jokes made at his expense were hysterical.

For 20 quid you can guarantee you’re going to have a good night. And if you fancy some grub the speedy diner looked like it was serving some delicious meals that you could eat on your lap while watching the show. Everything you need for a perfect evening.