Read Some Sad News


I was touched this weekend to read the terribly sad news about the death of Amy Turner, a rising star in the world of Journalism who had been writing features for the Sunday Times for six years. A. A. Gill had written a piece about her in the Times this weekend and it struck me that she was obviously under a huge amount of pressure. He had written that she was always willing and happy to do the extra workload for others and went the extra mile – always. She managed to interview those who were the very hardest to interview and who demanded huge sums and wrote her pieces with beautiful simplicity. She was nominated for two British Press Awards. And then she was found hanged and it was all over. Obviously her stress was masked by pretend enthusiasm and stamina. Who knows. It’s just such a terribly sad story of a young girl who really was a star, an invaluable part of the Times team by the sounds of it, and I just hope she knew – even for a second – how brilliant she was.