Want To Kill The Tourists

Image courtesy of imageobjecttext.com

To all of those who have elbowed me in the ribs, trodden on my toes, and generally displayed levels of obnoxiousness I didn’t know it was possible to possess, I have a request: PLEASE HAVE SOME COMMON COURTESY! I realise that we are all in the same, irritating, tourist boat. We’re all trying to see the same sights, eat in the lovely restaurants and soak up the one and only rather selfish sun, and I do appreciate that we don’t necessarily speak the same language, but we can all decode the universal language of manners. You don’t get out of it that easily. No man, no matter what nationality, should push past a woman because we’re from different sides of the world. No sir-ee. If words fail to surface, how about a nice smile? Or has that died a death along with holding doors open and not shoving me down the stairs? Oh wait, that’s not chivalry. That’s just not being an arse. I just cant seem to tell the difference between the tourists and the arses these days.