Spray Disinfectant Spray Onto Your Face

The day you spray disinfectant spray onto your face, thinking it is water, won’t be a proud one. This is exactly what I did when I visited the gym at the hotel the other afternoon. It was a long(ish), sweaty session and after feeling like I was ready to pass out there and then on the cold, welcoming floor I glanced up and nearly hailed Mary hallelujah when I saw the water dispenser. I struggled over to it – and nearly swore when I saw that it was empty. But no, wait, my luck wasn’t totally out, because over to my left was a small table with tissues and a nice spray-bottle of water. How considerate. The hotel appreciated the 30+ degrees of heat that was pelting down and melting my skin and because they knew there was no water, decided to leave a refreshing water spray for me to cool down my body and wipe down with tissues after. Or so I thought. So when I deliriously picked up the spray – and even looked at the sticker seeing lots of confusing names (you think I’d figure it out by now) – and started spraying a good 10 sprays onto my face I appreciated the cooling liquid. Until I felt it burning my eyeballs and filling my mouth with the most disgusting taste in the world. Brilliant. I was going to die in the Earth’s version of Hell: the gym. I stuck my arms out like some deranged zombie and fumbled my way to the elevator, only to be greeted through my barely-open eyes by a lovely member of hotel staff. She began chatting away as I desperately tried to remain normal-looking. After what felt like hours, and after fearing I would never regain sight/taste I made it to my hotel room and practically plunged my head into a sink full of cold water. It’s true what they say: exercise really is bad for you. Or, as some have reminded me since, just don’t be an idiot and spray the cleaning fluid meant for the sweaty-covered machines, over your face. Very wise words. Alas, I think I have destroyed the last of a very useless group of brain cells with the final spray of the disinfectant.