Have Your Email Hacked

Courtesy of weheartit.com

A complete effing nightmare is how it feels. Yesterday morning my Mum hit her ankle hard on the dishwasher. Next thing, the phone was ringing off the hook asking if she was OK. Odd, she thought, since she only bashed her ankle and…wait..how did everybody know? But instead of asking about her ankle, they were asking if she was in Spain and if she was OK. Soon my Mum realised, after telephone call after telephone call, that her email had been hacked and a spam email sent to her entire contact list saying she was stuck in Spain and desperately needed money sent out to pay the hotel bills. The bastard who had hacked into her account had deleted virtually all her emails from this year – which included many business emails – and her address book.

Trying to contact BT to sort out the situation becomes a whole new problem because you are speaking to people in India and everything takes f-o-r-e-v-e-rrrrr. You speak to a host of different people, with each of them telling you something totally different and all the while you are completely stressed about the fact that someone has invaded your privacy for no reason at all. Eventually, after hours of to-ing and fro-ing with India, 24 hours later my Mum got her deleted emails back and her contact list was restored. Not after a lot of panic, however. It’s scary, having your email hacked and it’s completely random. We had to change all passwords for my Mum and for even a day, losing access to emails was difficult. You don’t realise just how reliant you are on e-mail.

The one positive that came out of this situation was it revealed to my Mum how much people cared. She had calls from friends from America to Brussels to Montenegro asking if she was okay (for those who thought she may actually be in Spain) and double checking that she knew some little arse had hacked her email account (for those who did realise). She was being called from morning until early evening and my Mum was touched by the kindness and concern of her friends. Take that hacker!!