Go To A Roller Disco

Courtesy of rollerdisco.com

So. Much. Fun. On Thursday evening I went to Vauxhall’s Roller Disco for a university friend’s birthday and it was brilliant. Granted, I was like Bambi on skates – even after saying that it must be easy because I wouldn’t be as unbalanced as if I were on rollerblades. How very wrong I was. It was just as hard and there were many moments where I felt that horrible feeling of your insides hurling as you nearly lose total balance and collapse on the floor like a sack of potatoes. However, I made sure I remained calm and after a lot of rail-gripping and deep breathing I managed to have a few gentle glides around the dance floor unaided. The music was great and there were some real pros flying around the place leaving me in their wind tunnel. I’ve never done it before and it was such a fun experience and a brilliant way to spend a birthday – I would seriously recommend it. Its dirt cheap – as a student just £6 – and it works out your glutes! The next morning my bum hurt. A lot. Although watch out for the cheeky bar. It’s very tempting to have a shot or two but take it from me, alcohol + rollerskates = disaster.