Get Addicted To eBay

It’s a slippery, slippery slope – that’s how getting hooked to eBay feels. My obsession with the website began when I was around 14 and that’s a dangerous age to start because you don’t have very much money, or, evidently, much common sense. The first item I would seek out on the auction site was cheap mobile phones because my Father insisted that all I needed was two tin cans and a piece of string. So, in a bid to break my texting virginity and ‘fit in’ with the cool kids who were flashing their Nokia bricks with their über cool cases (ahh how times change) I began fervently bidding on flashy camera flip phones that were way out of my price bracket. I didn’t even have a price bracket. I had about two quid a week.

Anyhow, that was the beginning of the end. Because, you see, humble reader, once you click that ‘bid’ button you may as well call it quits. It’s like a drug, eBay, it pulls you in and promises that things will be okay but they won’t be – THEY WON’T BE! Because as others up the ante you will sit at your desk and say ‘no mystical ebayer you will NOT BEAT ME!!!’ I will WIN this auction! And all original plans of buying a phone on eBay because it’s cheaper go totally out of the window. You end up saving a fiver from the original cost of the mobile, but the happy glow of outbidding all others is a win in itself. Until the glow wears off and you realise you were temporarily high on eBay glory and then you get the come down. This is when it dawns on you that you wasted precious minutes of your life and your hard earned cash.

eBay is definitely good for some things. You can find great steals on there if you look hard enough, just don’t fool yourself that you’re finding ‘loads of great deals’ because sometimes you just aren’t and the excitement of an auction masks that. Peruse a lot, and set yourself strict budget limits and desperately try to resist not going over that!