Find A New Obession


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Okay, so I am totally, madly, utterly, irrevocably in love with Jesse Pinkman and Breaking Bad. I love getting addicted to series’ – that feeling you get when you have to watch another episode even before the previous one has ended. And I get that feeling with Breaking Bad. It’s never really been shown in the UK (I think it was shown on 5 USA for one season but then they cancelled it) – and I can’t understand why. It’s brilliant and is very popular in the US and has a cult following here in the UK. Most people won’t have heard of it, but when you find someone who has, you talk about it for ages and you both obsess over the characters and the gorgeous, troubled Jesse Pinkman played by Aaron Paul. It is centred around the making and selling of crystal meth in the beautiful New Mexico (the scenery in the programme is stunning), but the story runs deeper when you find out secrets about the characters and an unlikely friendship blossoms between Jesse and Walter.

Walter White is played by Byran Cranston who was the Dad in Malcolm in the Middle, and in this series his character is as far from that Dad figure as you could imagine. He is brilliant. I could wax lyrical about this show all day long, but you’ve got to see it for yourselves! Get hooked and fall in love with the characters. I’m even following Aaron Paul on Twitter now, which means two things: sadly, I have seen how beautiful his fiancé is *damn her* and secondly, I can watch all some of his goings on. Yipee!