Go To Bestival

My first festival experience was filled with laughs, dirt, dry shampoo and lots of oreo biscuits from the get-go. My two friends and myself set off for Bestival nearly a week ago, last Wednesday, with my little Peugeot bursting at the seams with bags, camping chairs, tents and lots of food and alcohol. We thought we’d be really clever and catch the ferry from Southampton to East Cowes that Wednesday evening to avoid the inevitably huge queues that would arise on Thursday morning which was when the site actually opened. However, what we hadn’t quite thought through was the sleeping situation on Wednesday evening. Sleeping in my car was the original plan, but it was just far too cramped to sleep in any way comfortably and thankfully my friend Turps had a friend who knew a friend whose barn (in the garden of their second home which was locked up) was open. Although it was a little bit nippy, it meant that we could stretch our legs out comfortably and snuggle into our sleeping bags as best we could.

The whole four days were so brilliant, that I could ramble about them until the cows come home, however I’m going to bullet point the funniest moments and the best music to make things easier.

♥ The moment I nearly ran over a ferry man’s foot because his way of telling me that I hadn’t switched my headlights on was to push his hands against my bonnet when I was sloping down a hill towards him. As the car (accidentally) nudged forwards towards his feet I screamed my apologies and he aggressively shouted back “YOU WILL BE!” My friend Saskia couldn’t stop laughing

♥ On our journey to the Southampton ferry, a spider the size of my head crawled up the inside of my door towards the steering wheel. I screamed, Saskia screamed, Turps screamed. We were all screaming and I had to somehow zoom into the nearest lay-by so we could all get out and ensure the bugger was removed asap

♥ The Wednesday evening when we pulled into a mad Isle of Wight pub for dinner and played my new game ‘Sussed’, which is a simple card game where you try and see how well you know your friends by guessing how they’d react to certain scenarios/situations put to them on the cards. We were hysterical as one such card asked “What form of torture would you put your worst enemy through? Carrot addiction, cutlery craving or uncombable hair syndrome? The guy serving behind the bar was baffled by why we thought the game was so hilarious

♥ Setting up my tiny two-person tent which was meant for children in a matter of minutes and it looking better than anybody else’s – that was a good moment. Particularly as I hate camping and was dreading that moment

♥ Sitting in camp chairs moaning about the sweltering 30 degree heat and then moaning when the wind came and then moaning when the rain came. General weather-moaning

♥ Having somebody fall on top of our tent on Thursday night – being squashed in the middle of a sleep is quite an alarming occurrence

♥ Being offered every kind of drug at every moment of the day by very drugged up people

♥ Going to watch Kate Nash and realising she is now part of a girl band called Free Pussy Riot and the songs mainly consist of her screaming her head off shouting ‘Fucking bitch die!’ at the top of her lungs. It was odd to say the least. I kind of just wanted to hear Foundations over and over

♥ The xx, Florence and the Machine, Two Door Cinema Club were all incredible and usually I hate Florence. Don’t ask my why, I just find her a bit odd and her songs very samey, however she put on a fabulous show and everyone was dancing crazily

♥ Ben Howard was rammed with excited guys and girls alike and his set was my favourite. His voice is as beautiful live as it is through my ipod and it was just magical. He was also up on stage with this girl who was so talented that I fancied her a little bit – she sang with him, played the guitar, cello and drums. Amazeballs

♥ The site in general was gorgeous – it had a hippy vibe and there were big hearts and stars dotted around, with an area called Soul Park dedicated to pure relaxation. Hammocks, big cushions and coconut pods were the order of the day and you could doze happily in the sunshine without being disturbed

♥ Stevie Wonder was wonderful. Two whole hours of song after song that the entire crowd knew and loved and sang along to. He played Imagine by John Lennon and a Michael Jackson track. It felt a little bit like we were at a gospel Church with lots of ‘God Almighty’s’ and ‘Praise the Lord’s’ which was great. Fireworks were set off afterwards to a great soundtrack and lots of confetti flew across the crowd – it was the best way to end a magical four days

♥ Every evening we would head to the Drambuie tent which felt like the set of a music video. A little bit like Nelly’s Hot in Here – every one was crammed and dancing to thumping tune after thumping tune. The DJ was great and was remixing classics so that it didn’t get boring

♥ The excessive and ridiculous use of dry shampoo because I really couldn’t touch my hair in the state it had become. Wet wipes became our shower and body odour became our signature scent. Perfect

Right now I am so tired and overwhelmed with happiness that I can’t think of anything more. If I do, I will update. However, I have had about 8 hours sleep in the last few days and am shattered so am off to sleep and dream of a place where washing doesn’t happen and one of a kind music does…