Remember 9/11

I know everybody says it, but it truly feels like it was only yesterday. We had just moved to Brighton, I had just began a new life at a new school and as I walked into the house after one of those days I saw the images flashing up on the television screen, lighting up our living room with tragedy. Confusion, bewilderment, devastation. I was only nine years old, but even before my parents spoke and the newsreaders voice crackled through the TV I knew this event would change the world forever – and perhaps be one of the most awful things that would happen in my lifetime. I don’t remember if we talked about it at great length that evening, I only remember the television. The visual. The shocking image of two planes crashing mercilessly into the Twin Towers. I can’t believe it’s 11 years ago. With time and growing up, watching documentaries and reading about 9/11, it feels realer and realer the older I get. Listening to the recorded phone calls made inside the hijacked airplanes left me dripping tears onto my laptop last year. Watching videos of the planes speeding into the World Trade Center sends shivers down my spine every time. Time may have passed, but that awful day will never be forgotten.