Travel to Paris

Okay so the first image doesn’t scream ‘French cuisine’, however below are some photographs of my recent trip to Paris. Two girlfriends and I went from Thursday to Monday, hopped on the Eurostar on the Thursday morning and were in the city of lurve by 1.30pm. I love walking around Paris and taking in the atmosphere, the style, the effortless chic-ness of everyone you come across. I didn’t like the prices so much – six pounds for a glass of Cola?! Whattt?!

We stayed with our friend from university, and he mingles with a very wealthy group of young adults which did make things a little difficult from time to time. I couldn’t keep up with the bottles of wine at dinner which were costing hundreds of Euros a pop, or the lavish steak lunches/dinners they seemed to have every day. It’s a totally different world, but one that was quite nice to be a part of for a little bit. One afternoon, myself and my two friends sneaked off for some macaroons at Laduree. We sat right in the corner of the beautiful restaurant and nibbled at our colourful delicacies, sipped tea and watched the many different faces chatting away.