Celebrate Dad


Okay, prepare for a sloppy post. Today it is my Dad’s birthday – I won’t mention his age, in case he ever reads this, but let’s just say I hope he’s only half way through his life. I haven’t seen him yet today, because he went off to work very early, so I am going to go off and buy him a big, OTT helium balloon, make a Tarte Tatin (who knows why, but we all seem to love it and it’s a little different to the usual cake) and some bubbles. It’s annoying really, because he does so much for me that there is no real way I can ever show him how grateful I am. There’s no gift I can give him today that would come close to saying ‘thanks’ for twenty years of his selfless love.

So, in this small way, I am going to say how wonderful my Dad is over this blog. Oh, what a world we live in today. But, at least I suppose – well, I hope – this blog post is pretty lasting and maybe one day he’ll get the chance to read it. My Dad has always been there. There hasn’t been a moment where I haven’t felt cared for and safe. Yeah we’ve had our bust ups – one of the most famous and unforgettable was when I was playing up before bed time one evening and he smacked me so hard on my thigh that it left a red mark! And before any of you crazy ‘you should never smack a child ever!’ people come out of the woodwork, it hasn’t scarred me and I’m doing just fine despite the occasional smack when I was young! (I probably deserved it, let’s be honest).

We’ve had disagreements, he’s been irrational, I’ve been a stroppy teenager, but despite it all we have one of the best father/daughter relationships I know. We’re very close – I can tell him most things, and there isn’t a lot that he won’t agree to after a calm chat and weighing up of the pro’s and con’s of a situation. He loves travel, and that has made me who I am today. I have seen some of the most wonderful places in the world thanks to him, and travel and experiences like that are where memories are made, so for that, I am eternally grateful.

He works so hard – too hard, and I hope one day soon, when I am out of education, he can finally stop paying fees and have a break to really enjoy himself. Although, he does a good job of enjoying himself these days anyway! He’s given me the best education I could wish for, and, beyond the financial side of things, he is always there for emotional support.

Dad, Happy Birthday. I love you and don’t ever forget how wonderful you are, or think you are anything less than the greatest Man I will ever know