Have Short, Straight Eyelashes

If you are like me and have tiny, short, straight, irritating eyelashes then you’ll know what a pain it is trying to find the right mascara/eyelash curlers to do anything and everything to make them look somewhat full and luscious and curly! Damn those boys who are blessed with thick, beautiful lashes that need no mascara and they don’t even care! They are wasted on them. Anyway, here is a rather terrible photograph of my eyelashes (sorry for the quality).

Well, you get the gist of what I have to work with. Not. A. Lot. I have tried all sorts of mascaras. Mascaras promising I would get ‘full, extended lashes’ and blah blah blah. Barely any of them work. One that I tried and really worked is Maxfactor’s 2000 Calorie Mascara. I have lost count of how many of these babies I have gotten through.

What I love about this mascara is that it actually brings out a lot of the product onto the wand. It makes my blood boil when I pull out a mascara wand and there is no liquid actually on the brush. This mascara doesn’t skimp on product – it is great value for money. For me, I would give this mascara a 9/10.

Another great mascara, which I picked up just yesterday from Tesco is this…

Maybelline Falsies Volum’ Express Mascara. As always, I was a bit dubious about whether this mascara would really turn my stubbies into eyelashes that would look so good they would resemble false lashes, but here is the finished result!

Not too bad! I am quite impressed with this Maybelline Mascara – I think it comes a close second to my Maxfactor 2000 Calorie gem.

Aside from being on a permanent search for the Holy Grail of mascaras, I have used other alternatives such as eyelash extensions applied by both a beautician and myself. For six months I had eyelash extensions which were originally put on professionally and which I would get topped up every six weeks or so. After six months, my eyelashes weren’t in the best shape and I decided to give up on the beautiful, false lashes that I was constantly asked about by friends and family “Are they your real lashes?? They’re amazing!”. Ahhh, they were amazing.

Anyhow, after I’d let my eyelashes rejuvenate – the glue and eyelashes had pulled out some of my own lashes and my eyes were looking even barer than usual – I came across Lisa Eldridge’s tutorial on applying false lashes and it was a revelation.

These are my own individual lashes that Lisa recommends and while applying them is pretty time consuming and a test of patience, once they’re on they look great and they don’t damage your eyelashes because they’re not on for very long. Although, amazingly, I put them on before I went to Bestival and they lasted from Wednesday to Monday! I was very impressed.

So, if any others of you out there have terrible eyelashes then make sure you are armed with a great eyelash curler – obviously Shu Uemura are the best ones, however my Shiseido curlers are pretty good as well. Once you’ve curled for a good ten seconds, apply a couple of coats of mascara and you’re good to go! And for when you’re feeling particularly luxurious or you have a special occasion, invest in some Duralash Naturals and some eyelash glue and follow Lisa Eldridge’s great video.

Oh…and whatever you do, avoid this AWFUL gimmicky product if you have short/straight lashes! Maybe it’s just me, but I purchased this and immediately regretted it. Does nada. (Max Factor Eye Brightening Tonal Black Volumising Mascara in Black Ruby)