Believe In Fate

Romeo and Juliet – star crossed lovers? Courtesy of

Do you believe in star-crossed lovers or following the path less travelled? If so, you may be like me, and believe in fate. It’s a little bit like religion, we’re not really sure what we’re believing in and those who don’t feel the same are very cynical towards this belief system. Of course, you could say that the phrase ‘everything happens for a reason’ is just a way of making something really shitty that little bit better and isn’t fate at all, but I like to think otherwise. I’d like to think that people come in and out of your life not just by accident, but for a reason, for a purpose, either to make you learn something about yourself, to be a support in a difficult time, generally make you feel good or, if they’re not a true friend, to make you realise who is valuable in your life.

Cynics say it isn’t fate, it’s coincidence. Being placed in the same job/uni halls/train as the guy/girl you fall in love with is just a right place/right time kind of scenario, but I think that demeans such a wonderful thing happening. Things happen in our life that sometimes take us down a totally different path than we originally planned to follow. Meeting a certain person, attending a certain event, going to a certain country can change everything for someone and when life shifts that dramatically I just dont think ‘coincidence’ cuts it. Fate has been believed in for centuries – Romeo and Juliet is what springs to mind when I think of fate. Star crossed lovers, who were meant to be together despite every obstacle because it was written in the stars – even if it didn’t end too well. Maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic.

And yes, maybe the phrase ‘everything happens for a reason’ is just said to make someone feel better when something really terrible happens. However, give it time, and usually this phrase does come to mean something if you take stock of a situation after a little time has passed.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter if you believe in fate or not, because, like religion, it can’t be proved. It’s just quite nice, when a lot of things in life are very black and white and easily proven with science, to have a little faith in something like fate. To think, that maybe, just maybe, things really do happen in your life for a reason – that’s it not all futile.