Be 20

I really enjoy reading articles about people looking back on their younger years, and finding out what advice they would offer their 15/20/30 year old self if they could. I’m sure I’ll have many words of wisdom for my twenty year old self when I enter my 30s (ah! scary), but for now, this is how it feels to be twenty.

– I worry unnecessarily about the most stupid of things

– Most of the time I have the best relationship with my parents – sometimes, they wind me up to the point of madness

– I’m constantly trying to make my money go further than it actually can

– I like dreaming about what life will be like ‘when I grow up’ – even though I think I am, sort of, grown up, it doesn’t feel like I ever really will be

– Realising that all you ever wished for was to be older and now, more than anything, you’d like to go back to being 12 when there were no responsibilities

– Having the option of choosing which direction your life will go in

– I thought I had become the person I was to become when I was around the age of 18, but I’m starting to realise that I am still changing

– I fear that I won’t find the right person/start a family/be a success (in my mind)

– Being twenty, means that, for now, drinking numerous days of the week is totally acceptable, if a slight waste of precious youthful days!