Give Somebody The Best Present In The World

There’s a particular feeling you get when you do certain things: riding a rollercoaster, getting drunk, watching a scary movie. Everybody feels it at some point, a certain rush of adrenalin or excitement that just cannot be matched. Well, I have had this feeling for a couple of days now and it has come about because I have been holding back a secret: a present for somebody that I know they will absolutely love and imagining the look on their face when I tell them is making me squirm with anticipation.

The present is the opportunity to go to one of the Rolling Stones concerts on the 22nd November. My wonderful, incredible Dad had a last minute moment of madness and purchased four tickets for myself, my boyfriend, himself and my Mum. My boyfriend has been a devoted fan of the Rolling Stones for as long as he can remember, knows all of their songs and quite literally adores them. When the news broke that they were holding four concerts in November and the tickets sold out in seven minutes (seven minutes?!) he was sat forlornly on my sofa saying that he’d missed the opportunity to see his favourite band and that they’d probably all be dead in a few years. Pessimistic, but probably true.

From that moment I knew I had to do all that I could to try and get my hands on some tickets. I had a few friends who could possibly have gotten a deal on some tickets, but that didn’t quite work out, so in the end I resorted to sending my Dad a quick email just saying that if he fancied going to the Stones at all, then there was a certain somebody who would sell his soul to accompany him. Yesterday evening I had a mysterious email with the heading: ‘Question’ and the body of the email read: ‘Still want a Stones ticket?’. My Dad is very cryptic and many hours later I got a text saying: ‘All of us seeing Stones on 22 Nov, done deal.’ I couldn’t believe it. I was in utter shock at my Dad – once again he had done something miraculous and brilliant and the rest of the evening I was dying to tell the other half that I had indeed got a ticket to his favourite band in the world. But I waited. I waited until I had written a few cryptic cards with an image of the Stones and popped them into an envelope, called up the boyfriend and pretended I wanted a very serious chat and he needed to come over now (he thought I was going to end things he later told me!), and then tried, without smiling, to watch nonchalantly as he opened up the envelope and the realisation dawned on his face. His reaction was the best part about this whole Stones malarky. He was so happy – I’ve never seen such elation to the point that he had tears in his eyes and couldn’t stop squealing and smiling. My Dad is now pretty much a God in his eyes and he said if he died tomorrow (aka after 22 November!) he would die fulfilled. The fact that the 22nd November falls on the date of us having gone out for one year and is a week before his 21st Birthday, makes this pretty much Birthday/Christmas/Everything-amazing-rolled-into-one. Ahh isn’t giving presents so much better than receiving them??