Have Glandular Fever

Courtesy of weheartit.com

The title of this post does sound a little depressing, I admit and luckily I have never suffered with this horrible viral infection myself. However, I was out to dinner with a girl last night who is currently going through this nasty Fever and it felt really lovely to go out with her for a delicious curry and laugh about university shenanigans and so on. She got GF this summer and spent three weeks bed-ridden and unable to do anything. Getting up and going to the toilet was the challenge of the day. Luckily she isn’t quite that bad at the moment, however she has good days and bad days and gets exhausted by the smallest of tasks. Having GF is shitty at the best of times, but when you’re at university and all of your housemates are out having fun, it can sometimes grind a little more than usual. She said that the plus side is that she’s getting a lot of work done, and is living vicariously through her friends, but what is extremely hard is that there is no work/fun balance. It is just work work work. Which is why four of us decided it would be really nice to go out and have dinner – not too strenuous but great fun and you actually have the chance to chat to one another unlike drunken nights out.

The evening was totally ridiculous. First of all we started off at this restaurant that serves great food – Kennedy’s – however, due to the fact that they were hosting a party of about 40 upstairs, the service was extremely slow and they warned us that burgers were off the menu. This caused a slight problem as burgers are their speciality and were what we had ventured out for. Not to panic, we drained our drinks and headed to good old Evil Eye which never disappoints. It serves scrumptious Thai curries (As well as the best cocktails you will ever taste) so we walked over there and ordered straight away. After demolishing our bowls, we were looking out of the window and saw a mutual guy friend heading into the bar with a pretty girl by his side. Because we all have the combined mental age of about four, we decided to wrap our scarves round our heads and be in ‘disguise’, so that when our friend headed upstairs to the dimly lit room for a bit of romantic chit-chat, we could earwig and he wouldn’t notice we were there. Well, after he took an absolute age to order the drinks and come upstairs, we had already got into full nutjob character and were laughing hysterically with scarves upon our heads like mad old women. The fact that he didn’t realise it was us was, admittedly, very worrying. It was so obvious it was us, particularly since we were laughing loudly and obviously and he knows us pretty well!

Eventually we got bored of earwigging and revealed ourselves to our friend and his date – who didn’t look altogether amused, but I suppose I wouldn’t be either if I were in her situation – and we left. A great evening was had by all of us. Our friend with GF was knackered by all the laughter and had to go home promptly and put her feet up. Fantastic – and not a drop of alcohol was consumed by any of us!