♥ Yankee Candles


I realise that I am very late jumping on the old Yankee candle bandwagon, however now that I have one – the White Gardenia scent – I have ordered two more minis and cannot wait to receive them through the post! My Mum has always been the one to buy ridiculous amounts of candles. There seems to be a ritual in our household where she will go and light a delicious smelling candle, and then we wati to see how long it takes until my Dad finds it and blows it out in protest. I’m not sure why he does this, it just seems to be something that we now take for granted and winds my Mum up no end. Anyway, after moving into my first proper home away from home at university, and living in grimey halls for a year, I decided that I would really make my new bedroom a little haven. I did this by making my bed up with fresh, white bed sheets, buying a couple of lamps (so that I wouldn’t have to turn on the horrible energy saving bulb that is hanging from the ceiling and projects a crappy, artificial glow when I switch it on) and purchasing my first candle so that the room always smells wonderful. I was in Clinton’s Cards the other week when I spotted the White Gardenia candle. It smelt heavenly and reminds me of the candles my Mum uses at home, so I picked up a mini just so that I could give it a test drive. Anyway, within a couple of weeks the candle is already half used and I am in love – lighting it at every possible opportunity. The next scents I have ordered are Cherry Blossom and Lavender. I hope they are as great as White Gardenia!