Get Great News


I don’t know about you, but for me, optimism and motivation comes in waves. And I’m talking about optimism and motivation in terms of trying to get my journalism career kick started one way or another. What I mean is, I will get very excited and hopeful about emailing various people and contacts and cross my fingers that it will go somewhere. Then, as usual, (despite the fact that I try not to think negatively!) I get nowhere. I get ‘maybes’, ‘keep in contact’, ‘we’re completely full up right now’ or, even worse, I get strung along with emails about potentially securing some work experience and then after a very convoluted backwards and forth, the editor reveals that she never had the dates she was talking about in the first place and I wonder why I bother.

I’m not complaining – journalism is an extremely tough world to get into, although I’m assured that once you’re in it’s a very tiny world and everyone seems to know everyone. It’s not what you know, but who you know as they say. And yesterday morning, I got some brilliant news. So brilliant in fact, that I didn’t seem to even register it and I wasn’t as surprised and excited as I thought I might be. I guess because I am so used to opening up emails and feeling let down, that the fact that this email was so lovely didn’t even sink in! It was an email from a contact that I have had for three years – three years! – that finally went somewhere. That’s what it takes, three years of asking and pushing. And it’s so worth it when you get two weeks secured for next summer. It’s only two weeks, but it’s with Country Living magazine which is owned by Hearst, the same company that owns Elle – my dream magazine! So I am just thrilled that I will be in the same building as my beloved magazine and the fact that I’ll be in London for two weeks is a dream come true.

It’s true what they say – if at first you don’t succeed, try, try (and try) again.