Have The Perfect Christmas Gift Idea

A few years ago — about six to be exact (jeez, where does time go?) — my Mum, sister and I took off for a few days to a beautiful village in the Cotswolds, called Kingham. We were meant to be going with my Mum’s parents, but after that didn’t work out, we decided to go anyway and had the perfect little trip. The weather was beautiful, Kingham is the quintessential English chocolate-box village if ever I saw one and going on long, muddy walks with Fred the Irish Terrier was how we spent our evenings. One of our discoveries was the fabulous Daylesford Farm. Now this is the original Daylesford Farm I’m talking about. Today, they have shops in Notting Hill, Pimlico – even Japan! – but back then, this was the first of the Daylesford empire and it was magical. I know it’s a bit sad to get so excited over a farm shop, but this wasn’t any ordinary farm shop. This was a beautifully designed building with a wonderful atmosphere. It wasn’t all that busy when we turned up, and we enjoyed many cups of tea, hot chocolate and sublime cakes. To be honest, we didn’t even need to eat, because spending time drooling over all the products on sale in the shop is satisfying enough. Below are a couple of photographs from their website and Google – unfortunately I didn’t snap any of my own when I went there!

Anyway, onto my idea for the perfect Christmas present. A couple of years after we had visited Kingham and Daylesford Farm, I was trying to think up wonderfully unique Christmas presents. My family and I love food, there’s no question about that, so I thought about getting my Mum a food hamper. Fortnum and Mason’s hamper is the one most people usually think of, however I wanted something a little bit different. I wanted this hamper to have some sentimental meaning, a reminder of a great time we had had together. So, I began browsing Daylesford Farm’s website and low and behold there were lots of hampers. Now, I’ve had a look today, and their hamper options have changed (and increased in price) a lot from when I bought my first one about three or four years ago.

Anyhow, as my parents wouldn’t have liked everything in the hampers that Daylesford offer, I decided to make my own bespoke hamper. Instead of purchasing the ready made hampers, I bought a white wicker basket (which Daylesford used to sell but don’t appear to be anymore, boo!) and bought lots of edible goodies from the website to fill my basket with. I bought marmalade, biscuits, chocolates, some alcohol, cheese and pate. There’s plenty of things you can buy from their online shop that would make a very luxurious gift. And as you can no longer get the basket from them, search around on eBay or amazon – there are plenty on sale for low prices such as this one.

And fill with…

Daylesford’s jams, marmalades and chutneys

Delicious chocolates

Bath Oil

Fill your basket with food, lovely pampering products or even a voucher that your loved one can use in one of Daylesford’s shops during a day out. If you’re stuck for gift ideas this Christmas, you won’t go wrong by filling up a pretty basket with Daylesford’s luxurious products. Everything looks and tastes amazing – take my word for it – and your parents/partner/sibling will be touched that you went to such effort. And, on top of that, if you have any problems/queries, the people at Daylesford are lovely and super helpful. Click here and see for yourself!