Believe In Ghosts

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Yesterday night my housemate got the heebie-jeebies because she was freaking out about us having a ghost. I don’t think we have a ghost, but she has heard a couple of strange noises and her friend who visited us over the weekend was having a great time winding her up about the ‘footsteps’ she could hear. It reminded me of all the wonderfully freaky ghost stories my Mum used to tell me. My Mum is a firm believer in ghosts – purely because she has experienced odd things that just can’t really be explained away by the wind or creaky floorboards. My favourite story of hers, was one that occurred in the house we lived in when we were in Brussels. We lived in that house for four years, and on two separate occasions my Mum called in the local priest to exorcise the house because she was so terrified. One afternoon Mum was downstairs in the kitchen with the baby monitor near by and my recently born sister was at the top of the house sleeping in her cot. All of a sudden, out of the blue, the mobile that hung above my sister’s cot began to play its musical tune – bearing in mind that you have to wind up the mobile manually for a good few seconds for the mobile to work. Mum ran up the stairs, petrified, grabbed my sister from the cot and drove to my Dad’s office declaring that she was never going back to that house.

My Dad managed to persuade her otherwise, and after the priest came round he told my Mum that the cause of all this trouble was a little girl who had fallen from the balcony in the living room when she was around seven years old. The priest explained that she had gotten ‘stuck’ in our world – hadn’t passed on to wherever it is that we go to when we die and the birth of my sister was a big change that could have caused arrival when previously she was ‘dormant’. Of course, there are sceptics out there who won’t believe a word I am writing, and that’s okay. Some people only have time for cold hard facts, for science. However, I think that those people haven’t experienced something as unexplainably freaky and weird as my Mum. And I myself have experienced things such as sleeping in a certain room in our house that was far colder than any other, and most nights I would have terrifying, vivid nightmares. In every other room, I was okay.

Who knows whether ghosts are a true phenomenon or not, I guess we’ll never know. But I try not to be too scared when I’m home alone in a house or in the dark. I do believe that if you are a negative person, you will attract negative energy – whatever form that might come in. And as for my Mum and her ghostly experiences, well, I’m just going to keep enjoying her telling me the weird and wonderful stories on a rainy day over a mug of steaming tea.