Wish You Were Somebody Else

I’m not saying I feel like this everyday, but we’re all guilty of wishing we were somebody else on occasion. Yesterday afternoon I was having pangs of wishing I was a successful and beautiful blogger like Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad, whose outfits I constantly drool over and travels I wish I was a part of. A ‘student, blogger, fashionist but above all Life lover!’ is the description of herself on her website, and my mouth drops open when I read that she  is currently a law student at Bocconi university as well as managing her fashion blog which she writes in both Italian and English, not to mention all the travel and work she is doing on the back of her blogging success – and I whinge about having to prepare for a couple of English seminars a week.

I guess it’s natural to feel this way sometimes. When modern women are juggling wonderful blogs and forging paths in challenging careers you can do little else but feel inspired and, if I’m honest, a teeny bit envious. Another blogger I am in awe of is Naomi of The Rockstar Diaries . As a young, full time Mum, I can’t really relate to Naomi – but the reason I wish I could be her some days, is because of her capacity to find the wonderful in the mundane. It does help that she lives in New York – my favourite city – however, she manages to make each day seem special, and we all too easily forget just how precious life is. Each day is an adventure – from simply picking up a box of delicious doughnuts to a polaroid snapshot of herself and her husband, everything is sprinkled with a little bit of sparkle. As a friend once told me, we need to find the ‘moments of caviar’ in our lives and I think Naomi does this perfectly.

I think one of the reasons I wish I was one of these bloggers, as oppose to a celebrity say, is because the success these women have had is something that is actually in reach – it is tangible. Unlike the crazy world of celebrity we live in today, where ‘celebrity’ doesn’t mean what it used to, these bloggers are using their brains, their talent to create a space on the internet for others to enjoy. And anybody can do the same. You just need an idea, motivation and a laptop. It seems that if you have a voice and the drive to persist with your idea in a world filled with thousands of blogs, you will, one day, reap success. Even if that just means a few hundred followers after a year, if you keep at it and your content is great quality (like Chiara’s and Naomi’s) people will come. It may just take time. And the great news is, that is exactly how those two bloggers started.