Break With Tradition

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Last night I watched a film that probably wasn’t quite appropriate for celebrating myself and my boyfriend’s one year anniversary. Ahh well. Who cares about tradition. Bring on Fatal Attraction and bunny boiling nutjob Glenn Close. Unfamiliar with the story? Well, in a nutshell, Michael Douglas is a very silly man and decides to have a one night stand with poodle-haired Glenn Close, even though he is ‘happily’ married with a child. This one night of passion madness turns into a nightmare for Michael’s character, as Alex (Glenn Close) becomes completely obsessed with him, declaring her love and announcing that she is pregnant with their child. Alex phones his home, deliberately meets his wife, abducts his daughter for the afternoon — even takes the liberty of cooking his family dinner by boiling the family bunny. Finally, after Alex breaks into Michael’s country home and tries to murder his wife with a kitchen knife, a battle ensues between the Bunny-Boiler and Michael Douglas, until finally Michael’s wife takes control of the situation and shoots Alex right in the middle of her chest. 

It’s a brilliant movie: great scenery of Manhattan and the perfect formulation of a character that you hope never to meet. It teaches you to never have a one night stand – because it may not be confined to just the ‘one’ evening – and to value what you have in terms of boyfriend/husband/family. Especially seeing as Douglas’s wife in the film was leagues ahead of crazy Glenn Close, both in looks and personality. If you haven’t seen it, you definitely should. Even if you think you haven’t seen any of it – if you watched Bridget Jones’s Diary closely enough then you will have, because there’s a scene of Bridget watching the television and this very moment from which I have found the image above, pops up on her TV. And speaking of Bridget Jones, that’s what I plan to watch this evening. From one extreme to the other…